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Bottle Barn Barrel Selections

One of the best parts of the job comes every year when we sit down with Bill Hart from Four Roses Distillery and we taste and critically analyze barrel samples from one of our favorite distillers. What follows is the purchase of single barrels of whiskey, which are specially labeled and sold only in our store.

Our current selection is a collaborative effort with Jack Mitchell of Jack & Tony’s Whiskey Bar.  We feel that Jack has the best palate in the business and we relied heavily on his great taste and love for the Four Roses brand.  This whiskey is big, rich and chewy with a huge dose of vanilla and spice in the nose.  The flavors are spicy, yet fruity with more vanilla and a long expansive finish.  We are so happy with this selection that we are already in the process of choosing another barrel to split with Jack!  Get this one NOW, because it is going fast!

ONLY $39.99!!!





Other Cool New Stuff

Tuthilltown Spirits!!!

Who would have thought that some of the coolest new whiskies we tried this year came from the Hudson Valley in upstate New York.  Yes, New York!  The past couple years have seen an amazing out-pouring of Bourbons, Ryes and other whiskies from all over the country.  Utah, Colorado, Oregon, and so on.  Tuthilltown Distillery is one of the best by far.  We have brought in four of their whiskies and I hope you’ll give ’em a try.

  • Hudson Manhattan Rye 375ml
  • Hudson Single Malt 375ml
  • Hudson 4-Grain 375ml
  • New York Corn 375ml

Rare Single Malt Collection

Other Gems

Germain-Robin Brandy

We are fortunate to be within 60 miles of one of the premier brandy producers in the world, Germain Robin. These beautifully styled brandies rank right up there with the fine cognacs and armagnacs of France, which are generally considered the standard to which all brandy is measured.